Highlighted Flavor- The Signature Chip

Introducing our Cookie of the Month Club!

Perfect for Staff Meetings, Realtors, or Bachelor Viewing parties. Or in our case..... perfect for a night in with a Netflix docuseries.

Delivered on the Friday of your choice each month!!

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Our Mission

To make life a little sweeter, one cookie at a time.

We use only QUALITY INGREDIENTS to ensure that our products are fresh, soft, and made to order.

Each batch is made with a tremendous amount of love, joy, and care. At the end of the day, baking our way into your home is our greatest joy.

Have a Dietary Restriction?

We ALL deserve the luxury of snuggling up and enjoying a cookie!

Whether you are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, or a little mix of everything we are HERE for cookie needs!

Special orders are welcomed and we look forward to accommodating you as best we can! Due to special ingredient requirements, please allow additional time for order processing!

Special Order

Dough TO GO!

Scoop, bake, and enjoy! It's that simple!

Enjoy one of our Signature Cookies when your cookie cravings hit, even if that's two in the morning.

Dough stays fresh up to 5 months, or refrigerated up to 4 weeks

Packaged in a BPA Free, Double Sealed, Food Grade and Food Safe Container

Give me the DOUGH!