The Debate between Chewy and Crunchy

A debate that has echoed the halls of all legal universities, filled the Senate Chambers with day long discussions and has even taken place in my own kitchen.... what is the superior cookie? Chewy or Crunchy?

All jokes aside, cookie lovers and bakers alike know that there is a huge difference between a cookie that is chewy and a crunchy cookie.

Chewy cookies are soft and creamy. It feels like you are eating warm dough, letting the cookie melt away in your mouth. Crunchy cookies are an entirely different experience. You bite into them with one loud *CRUNCH* and before you know it there are cookie crumbs dancing down your shirt. With each chew you find yourself getting lost in the slight crunch of each chew.

While we tend to have a preference towards chewy cookies, we know a lot of fellow bakers that stand firmly on the side of crunchy cookies. We want to know what YOU think!! Are you team chewy or crunchy?

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